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CRT IRL 2010
Rally of the Lakes
RALLY NEWS No.9 - Castletownbearahaven - Sunday @ 10:35:30

RALLY NEWS NO.9 Castletownbearhaven/Sunday 10.40

1st (6) Daragh O'Riordan/Tony McDaid (Impreza WRC)
2nd (1) Denis Cronin/Coleman Hurley (Impreza WRC)
3rd (23) Thomas Fitzmaurice/Fionn Foley (Lancer N)
4th (28) Mark Sheahan/Mark Kane (Citroen C2R2)
5th (20) Eoin Doyle/Peter Brennan (Impreza WRC)
6th (12) Jer O'Donovan/Sean Hayde (Impreza N)
1st (15) Kevin O'Donoghue/Joe O'Leary (Escort)
2nd (26) Geoffrey Dolan/Conor Murphy (Sunbeam)
3rd (16) Charlie Hickey/Johnny Hickey (Escort)
4th (27) David Guest/Liam Moynihan (Civic)
5th (35) Jason McSweeney/Denis O'Mahony (Civic)
6th (34) John Riordan/Donal Falvey (Escort)

Daragh O’Riordan followed up his fastest time over Molls Gap this morning with another quickest time on the fabulous Tim Healy Pass. Denis Cronin lost out on the Healy when his Subaru went into a 6th gear spin not long after the start. Denis said after the stage that the intercom in the car packed in just off the start line and because the stage used to start up at the small caravan park he doesn’t really know the first mile and he got caught out on a tight corner. Daragh O’Riordan said he had a good run at Molls Gap and didn’t push quite so hard on the Tim Healy, but in overall terms with a lead now of well over 2m Daragh really only needs to hit a decent pace to stay in front.

Thomas Fitzmaurice in 3rd place said he had a great run this morning but was still a bit cagey, being careful, as the closest car behind him is now Mark Sheahan who is over 4m back. Thomas also said about the gearbox that he borrowed from Alan Ring and got fitted at final service yesterday is so much better than his own box he’ll not want to be giving it back! Jer O’Donovan had been 4th this morning, but a time consuming spin on the first section of Tim Healy cost about 50s and involved co driver Sean Hayde having to jump out of the car and run back to warn the next driver that Jer was doing a 3 point turn to get back on track in his Impreza.

Mark Sheahan is now a fairly unbelievable 4th in his Citroen C2R2 and his co driver Mark Kane said that they are now in cruise mode but having to be careful to keep their concentration. They did have a massive moment this morning at the start of Molls Gap when their C2R2 Max snapped sideways unexpectedly. Joe Shrimpton is 2nd of the Citroens and reported no problems but is finding the stages hard on tyres and he feels he has to tidy his act up a bit for this loop of stages. Samantha Thom is now into the top 10 in the International and she had a 360 degree spin in her C2R2 at the medium left “McRae’s Corner” within sight of the junction at the top of Molls Gap.

Kieran Marshall/Tommy Hayes are up into 11th o/a and leading class 1 in the International in their SPS Civic. However, Killarney man Kieran is struggling at the minute as the car jammed in 4th gear at the top of Tim Healy. He lost little time on the downhill run to stage finish but is having a problem getting the car into service.

In the National section Kevin O’Donoghue/Joe O’Leary were fastest over the Tim Healy Pass in their Cl.14 Mk2 Escort. Kevin has discovered that there is an adjustable rear anti roll bar in the car, and it was set too soft for yesterday’s stages. Behind Kevin there are 3 cars battling for cl.13 honours and only a second or two between them on stage times this morning. John Riordan/Donal Falvey had a moment on the Tim Healy when their Escort brake pedal went to the floor 3 times.

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