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McKelvey Bushwhacker Rally
RALLY NEWS No.4 - Service - Saturday @ 16:33:56
RALLY NEWS NO.4 Omagh Service/Saturday

1st (8) Martin Cairns/Kevin Flanagan (Impreza WRC) 24.22
2nd (1) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 24.25
3rd (3) Garry Jennings/Rory Kennedy (Impreza WRC) 24.31
4th (7) Stephen Wright/Suzanne Wright (Lancer) 24.40
5th (2) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 24.41
6th (5) Colin Britton/Arthur Kierans (Lancer N) 24.43
7th (6) Mark Donnelly/Sean Ferris (Lancer) 24.50
8th (17) Frank Kelly/Liam Brennan (Escort) 24.58
9th (10) Derek McGeehan/Damien Connolly (Impreza WRC) 25.10
10th (16) Vivian & Paul Hamill (Escort) 25.11
11th Drew Stewart 25.20 12th Adrian Hetherington 25.21

Martin Cairns was fastest through stage 7, Lough Bradan North, and then Kenny McKinstry was quickest on stage 8, Lough Bradan South. Stage 7 did not run because of the runaway horse. There are just 2 stages to go and all to play for between the top drivers. When Martin Cairns brought his Subaru into service he told us. “Going well but lost a wee bit on the long Lough Bradan when I out-braked myself into a 6 left”. Derek McGarrity reported. “The car is going well, no problems, but I’m peed off at what happened in stage 4”. What Derek was referring to was a mix up at a triangle in stage 4 where some drivers went the long way and some the short way. The organisers havew issued a standard time for everyone and made it clear it was the short way the next time.

Garry Jennings in 3rd place looked at the times when he came into service and said. “Right that’s it. I’m going to forget about the championship and try to win the rally and keep these men in front honest!” Kenny McKinstry said he had a good run. Stephen Wright who has really crept up the leaderboard commented. “There’s not much more I can do”. Colin Britton said that stage 7 just did not suit his car, maybe it was all down to horse power.

Derek McGeehan reported that his Mini WRC is still not fully on the pipe and said. “Its not a million miles away. There is nothing more I can do with the car but I am enjoying the rally”. Ian Cochrane said. “The car is a big improvement and I’m a lot happier”. Vivian Hamill commented. “The car is alright but I just can’t handle Kelly’s times”. For his part Frank Kelly told us. “I’m just going to try and stay on the road over the next 2 stages and not do anything stupid. But its hard not to play to the crowds!” TOC Utilities man Seamus O’Connell was a lot closer to the times of Vivian Hamill and Frank Kelly through the last couple of stage sand he reported. “Getting a lot more comfortable in the car”. Adrian Hetherington is lying just outside the top 10 and he said. “We’re going as hard as we can go there is absolutely nothing left, I couldn’t hve taken another washer out of the car”. Ray Brammer has retired his Impreza WRC on stage 4 after a wrong slot at a junction and then the car jammed in reverse gear.
More news later:
Looking back a couple of stages class 5 was being led by Dermot O’Hagan from Ian Downey both in Corsas. Downey lost a few seconds when he caught a car that been off. In class 10 Ronan Campbell was leading but we believe he has retired the car with a broken drive shaft. This leaves Tommy O’Connell and Brian Duggan leading the class. BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON & MICHAEL & ZOE www.rallynews.net *Follow RallyNews on Twitter @Pacenotes or @ Real_RallyNews

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