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Lurgan Park Rally
RALLY NEWS No.4 - Lurgan Park - Saturday @ 13:14:22

RALLY NEWS NO.4 Lurgan Park/Saturday

1st (1) Darren Gass/Kerrie Gass (Impreza WRC) 8.14.9
2nd (2) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 8.22.4
3rd (5) Garry Jennings/Kerry McCarter (Lancer N) 8.30.9
4th (7) Mark Doyle/Bobby Campbell (Celica GT4) 8.31.9
5th (6) Denis & Stuart Biggerstaff (Impreza WRC) 8.32.5
6th (4) Derek McGeehan/Lawrie Smith (Corolla WRC) 8.34.9
7th (11) Emma McKinstry/Kenny Hull (Impreza WRC) 8.36.9
8th (35) Wesley Patterson/Martin McGarrity (Escort) 8.45.2
9th (14) Liam Ryan/Aidan Burke (Lancer N) 8.46.5
10th (8) Gary White/Alan Purdie (Impreza A) 8.47.7
Just outside the top 10: 11th Ray Brammer 12th Stanley Ballantine

It is the halfway point now on this Orchard Motorsport Lurgan Park Rally and the stage will be reversed for the afternoon. It will be interesting to see if it brings any change in fortune for King of the Park, Kenny McKinstry. Kenny, 11 times the winner here, has had no answer to the speed of Darren Gass through this morning’s 4 stages. It is not through any lack of effort as McKinstry is driving his heart out, his Subaru on maximum. Gass did fit 2 new tyres to his Impreza for that 4th stage and again was 2s faster than Kenny to leave the gap at almost 8s.

Garry Jennings is the clear leader of Group N but his 3rd place is now coming under pressure from Mark Doyle in his Celica. Mark is a real veteran of the Lurgan Park Rally and he said that in places at the back of the circuit towards the golf course he is able to snatch 5th gear today that he was never able to do in the past. Denis Biggerstaff continues to improve and he was faster than Jennings through stage 4. Denis joked at stage finish that he is now getting tips from his co-driving son Stuart who is the NI Rally Champion!

Derek McGeehan is just holding on to 6th place and is now looking over his shoulder at the hard charging Emma McKinstry. When Derek brought his Corolla into the finish of stage 4 he said. “All the problems with the car are solved. I was just too erratic in the stage”. Liam Ryan continues to hold on to 2nd GpN in his Lancer. Stanley Ballantine is 3rd but dropped a couple of places on the leaderboard with a half spin in stage 4. Wesley Patterson is still the highest placed Escort Challenge contender with Adrian Hetherington 2nd and Mickey Conlon 3rd. Keith White, on his first rally in 7 years, continues to impress in his Mk1 Escort despite a half spin in stage 4. Our apologies to Keith for referring to him earlier as Gary. Keith is 6s up on the similar Mk1 of Trevor Wilson. Keith McIvor in his Porsche now leads cl.6 for Historics from Stephen Mawhinney in his Sunbeam Lotus. Jimmy McRae in the Firenza is 3rd. Callum Guy from the Isle of Mull lost a wheel from his Escort.

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON & MICHAEL www.rallynews.net Keep up to date with us on our Twitter feed @Real_RallyNews (with thanks to Paddy McCollum)

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