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RALLY NEWS No.4 - Armagh - Saturday @ 16:28:37

RALLY NEWS NO.4 Armagh/Service 16.30

1st (4) Kenny McKinstry/Kenny Hull (Impreza WRC) 34.55.1
2nd (1) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 34.56.2
3rd (3) Kevin Barrett/Sean Mullally (Impreza WRC) 35.43.9
4th (25) Neil McCance/Jonny Hart (Lancer N) 35.59.9
5th (5) Garry Jennings/David Moynihan (Lancer N) 36.11.1
6th (15) Donagh Kelly/Kevin Flanagan (Lancer N) 36.35.4
7th (10) Wesley Patterson/Martin McGarrity (Escort) 36.35.8
8th (11) Phil Collins/Derek Brannigan (Escort) 36.37.4
9th (36) Brendan Cumiskey/Jason Ollerenshaw (Lancer N) 36.37.9
10th (28) Sam Moffett/James O'Reilly (Lancer N) 36.43.5
Latest news: Derek McGarrity fastest on S5 despite a puncture and now leads by 3s.

Derek McGarrity was fastest through stage 4. He was 5.9s faster than Kenny McKinstry in a similar Subaru. Which means Kenny still leads but by just 1.1s. McGarrity commented at stage finish. “We made a few suspension setting changes at service and the car is better but still far from right”. Kenny McKinstry reported a good run with no problems. Kevin Barrett in 3rd place is still unhappy with his Subaru, the mechanics worked at the car in service but it is still not fixed despite all the shafts being checked and sensors changed. The next step is to change the centre differential solenoids at next service.

Garry Jennings was fastest GpN car through that stage, 4s up on Neil McCance but Neil still leads the category. Garry has had small problems with his Lancer from the start, things like the handbrake sticking on and an electrical kill switch falling off. However, he is settling down as is the car. Donagh Kelly is 3rd GpN and that is despite a half spin in stage 4. Neil McCance reported that he is feeling a lot more relaxed. Aaron MacHale’s Lancer has reportedly stopped with a fuel pressure problem on the way into S4. No news yet as to whether he got going. Phillip Morrow is now well out of the picture as his Lancer suffered turbo trouble in S3 on top of the fuel pump problem in S2. Rory Byrne’s Modern Tyres Lancer retired in stage 3 when the back end of the car caught fire following prop shaft trouble. Contrary to some reports the car is not badly damaged. Stuart Biggerstaff has gone over maximum lateness. The mechanics borrowed McKinstry’s spare gearbox and changed it in record time only to discover that Stuart was actually over lateness at the end of the stage. Now they are in the process of taking the box out again so that Kenny has a spare.
More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net (with thanks to Michael Patterson and Sammy Hamill)

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