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Lurgan Park Rally
RALLY NEWS No.7 - Final stage - Saturday @ 17:04:57
RALLY NEWS NO.7 Lurgan Park/Saturday
1st (3) Darren Gass/Nathan Gass (Impreza WRC) 15.27.0
2nd (1) Kenny & Emma McKinstry (Impreza WRC) 15.28.3
3rd (2) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 15.30.1
4th (49) Eugene Donnelly/Daragh Mullen (Corolla WRC) 15.34.2
5th (5) Garry Jennings/Damien McPartland (Impreza WRC) 15.40.7
6th (24) Wesley Patterson/Martin McGarrity (Escort) 16.20.7
7th (9) Brian O'Mahony/John Higgins (Metro 6R4) 16.26.6
8th (13) Mark Massey/Paul McKenna (Impreza N) 16.30.5
9th (7) Gary White/Alan Purdy (Subaru) 16.34.1
10th (12) Kieron Graffin/Vincent Fergus (Lancer N)16.41.8
11th (29) Adrian Hetherington/Cathal Mulgrew (Escort) 16.43.5
12th (23) Camillus Bradley/Mark Burnett (Escort) 16.48.4

It looks as if there is a new name to go on the illustrious list of previous winners on this Lurgan Park Rally if Darren Gass’ victory gets ratified here when the official results are published. Darren set some stunning times throughout the day but there was one moment of controversy when his Subaru slid wide on to the grass and he took the straightest line back on to the course which coincidentally missed a bale. Second placed Kenny McKinstry, 11 times a winner here in Lurgan Park, said here at the finish. “Darren’s incident is over and one with. It wasn’t deliberate. The car was on the grass and ended up out of shape.” Kenny went n to say. “I was pushing hard at the end but not hard enough to make mistakes. I very much enjoyed the day it was a really good rally”. Darren Gass said. “I had my fingers crossed at the start of the last stage that it wouldn’t rain. We had a good day, a couple of messy stages. I had no co-driver last night and at midnight phoned my cousin Nathan and he offered to sit in. He has never done a rally!”

Third placed Derek McGarrity said little at the finish. Derek led the rally at the half way mark but then lost time in stage 5 and was on an uphill battle from there. Derek was also a little upset about the Darren Gass incident. Fourth placed Eugene Donnelly commented at the end. “I really enjoyed the day., It was great to get behind the wheel again. The Corolla hasn’t quite the speed but it was still good and this young co driver Darragh Mullen did a good job”. Mark Massey/Paul McKenna came through well to win GpN from Kieron Graffin/Vincent Fergus. Graffin was down in 34th place after his Lancer broke a drive shaft on the first stage so he did well to come into the top 10.

Wesley Patterson had a brilliant run to finish 6th and best Mk2 Escort with Adrian Hetherington and Camillus Bradley 2nd and 3rd Escorts. Brian O’Mahony travelled all the way from Cork and on his first visit to the Park won cl.3 in his Metro 6R4 that was quite a feat as it is such a specialised place. Stanley McKeown won cl.6 in his Corolla. Dessie McCartney won the Historic section in his Porsche.

Many thanks and congratulations to the North Armagh Motor Club organisation for laying on such a superb day’s motorsport.
BRIAN & LIZ & MICHAEL PATTERSON www.rallynews.net

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