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Lurgan Park Rally
RALLY NEWS No.2 - After SS2 - Saturday @ 11:55:02
RALLY NEWS NO.2 Lurgan Park/Saturday/12.00
1st (2) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 4.11.3
2nd (1) Kenny & Emma McKinstry (Impreza WRC) 4.11.5
3rd (3) Darren Gass/Andrew Cullen (Impreza WRC) 4.12.7
4th (49) Eugene Donnelly/Daragh Mullen (Corolla WRC) 4.14.4
5th (5) Garry Jennings/Damien McPartland (Impreza WRC) 4.15.4
6th (24) Wesley Patterson/Martin McGarrity (Escort) 4.25.2
7th (50) Pat O'Connell/Brendan McCullagh (Lancer N) 4.28.9
8th (13) Mark Massey/Paul McKenna (Impreza N) 4.30.5
9th (7) Gary White/Alan Purdy (Subaru) 4.31.5
10th (9) Brian O'Mahony/John Higgins (Metro 6R4) 4.31.6
11th (32) James Kennedy/John Rowan (Escort) 4.35.2
12th (6) Mark Doyle/Cormac Doyle (Celica) 4.35.4

Armagh man Darren Gass was fastest through stage 2 but Derek McGarrity held on to his lead with a time of 2.05.2 through the stage. Darren recorded 2.04.9. Kenny McKinstry 2.05.1. Eugene Donnelly 2.05.8. It is all very close competition and current rally leader Derek McGarrity reported no problems at stage finish. Darren Gass reckons he could find another 2s over the loose section. Garry Jennings said he was doing too much sliding, especially in 6th gear! Mark Doyle was being cautious, as there is some damage to his Celica’s suspension bottom arm. Gary White had a real good run to be 4s faster than Doyle.

Brian O’Mahony was another to have a good time, recording 2.13.6 in his Metro 6R4. It is Cork man Brian’s first visit to the Park and he said. “It is such a specialised place. I am only learning it”. Ray Brammer spun his Subaru but lost little time.

Pat O’Connell was the fastest Group N through stage 2 to move into the category lead. Wesley Patterson was the fastest Escort although he was slightly slower than his first run probably due to the slight drizzle that has started and the tracks becoming slippier. Alan Cassells stopped his Peugeot at the end of the first stage having clipped a chicane. Mervyn Wedlock and Declan Boyle who were both 2nd and 3rd Escorts after stage 1 both spun on stage 2 and dropped them away from the leaders. Adrian Hetherington is the next best Mk2 in 15th just .1 of a second ahead of Gary McPhillips.

There was only one main change to the entry list this morning which was that car number 4, Kevin Barrett, was unable to start in his Triton Showers Subaru. Kevin was in hospital yesterday for some tests and happily the results indicate nothing too serious but he was not allowed to drive for 24 hours.
More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON & MICHAEL www.rallynews.net

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