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West Cork Rally
RALLY NEWS No.2 - Service - Saturday @ 13:29:08

RALLY NEWS NO.2 Service/Saturday 13.30

1st (1) Donagh Kelly/Conor Foley (Focus WRC) 15.32.4
2nd (3) Sam Moffett/Karl Atkinson (Fiesta R5) 15.34.3
3rd (5) Robert Barrable/Damien Connolly (Hyundai R5) 15.40.3
4th (4) Josh Moffett/James Fulton (Fiesta R5) 15.43.5
5th (2) Alastair Fisher/Gordon Noble (Fiesta R5) 15.54.3
6th (7) Kevin Kelleher/Gwynfor Jones (Impreza WRC) 16.10.9

1st (11) Brian Brogan/Damien McGettigan (Escort RS) 16.36.1
2nd (12) Gary Kiernan/Ryan Moore (Escort) 16.37.8
3rd (20) Kevin Eves/William Lynch (Corolla) 16.40.6
4th (18) Eugene Meegan/Sarah Whelan (BMW M1) 16.50.2
5th (15) Damien Tourish/Domhnall McAlaney (Escort) 16.55.6
6th (25) Patrick McHugh/Pauric O’Donnell (Escort) 16.59.2

Fastest through SS2 was Donagh Kelly, but only just, from Sam Moffett. Donagh remarked after the opening stage that he had picked too soft a tyre and his Focus WRC was sliding about. On the 2nd stage it was no better. Sam Moffett was brimming with confidence as he brought his Fiesta R5 into service. He said. ‘I am happy with that run’. Josh Moffett felt that he still was not settled into the groove. Alastair Fisher’s co driver Gordon Noble told us. ‘We are not doing anything wrong, just other people are faster!’ Robert Barrable led the R5 brigade after the opening stage but dropped a couple of seconds on stage 2. That 2nd test, Dunworley, is a lot bumpier than the first stage (Ring) and Robert reckons he needs to make a few tweaks to the suspension of his Hyundai. Stephen Wright feels that his Fiesta R5 was in front wheel driver only at the start of the first stage.

Kevin Kelleher’s Subaru arrived in here to service wreathed in clouds of white smoke, testimony apparently to a blown turbo charger. Joe McGonigle still has no confidence with the grip from his Skoda front tyres. Brendan Cumiskey is going to fit softer springs to the front of his Fiesta.

Snippets from the National Rally include – Damien Tourish had a small overshoot. Tomas Davies caught Frank Kelly on the opening stage, Frank said ‘There are flakes of rust falling off. That is what happens when you take a break. Still we are making small steps forward, I am happy’. Gary Kiernan reported that his Escort brakes are still a bit iffy. Wesley Patterson, following his 6 months break, said he is driving ‘in the middle of the road’. Car 112 Brian O’Mahony has pulled his Civic to the side of the stage, reporting mechanical problems.

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