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RALLY NEWS No.1 - Castlewellan Forest Park Service - Saturday @ 12:25:46

RALLY NEWS NO.1 Castlewellan Service/Saturday

1st (7) Camillus Bradley/Crawford Henderson (Escort) 7.00.3
2nd (10) David Armstrong/Paul Mulholland (Escort) 7.01.4
3rd (3) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 7.05.6
4th (2) Brendan Cumiskey/Ronan O’Kane (Fiesta R5) 7.06.2
5th (8) Damian Toner/Denver Rafferty (Escort) 7.06.9
6th (15) Martin Teggart/Dessie Wilson (Escort Mk2) 7.09.6
7th (18) Alan Smyth/Mac Kierans (Suzuki Swift) 7.11.0
8th (14) Clive Kilpatrick/Jay Colville (Lancer Evo9) 7.12.3
9th (16) John Devlin/John McCarthy (Talbot Sunbeam) 7.13.8
10th (83) Alastair Cochrane/Gary McElhinney (Escort) 7.14.2
11th (1) Derek McGarrity/James O’Reilly (Fiesta WRC) 7.15.3

Horrendously wet conditions greeted the drivers when they tackled the opening stage of this Down Rally. Derek McGarrity was representative of so many drivers when he said ‘I cannot see out the windscreen as it is misted up so badly. The car is aquaplaning in places. At least the car is going well, but this is very difficult’ Brendan Cumiskey was 2nd on the road and he reflected Derek’s comments about the aquaplaning. Kenny McKinstry’s Subaru was completely misted up on the left hand side.

Jonny Greer’s Citroen stopped and was parked six corners into the stage on a square left. Wesley Patterson’s Escort sounded so bad, it seemed to be running on 2 cylinders, you could hear it coming from miles away. Wesley dropped certainly over 20s.

Fastest through that opening 6.37 mile Ardbrin stage was Camillus Bradley and he commented. ‘I am surprised. I just kept it clean and tidy, no dramas’

Further comments included: Emma McKinstry ‘That was horrible. The wipers would not go fast enough’. Damien Toner, still with a respectable time, said ‘Completely misted up’. Alastair Cochrane, who is so busy on his farm he had no time for a recce, just got a set of notes and drove! Still, he set a very good time. Clive Kilpatrick in his Lancer was fastest in Group N so far, although he did report a bad vibration at the back end of the Mitsubishi.

Young Alan Smyth in his Suzuki was fastest of the Class 4 cars despite slowing down in the stage to scroll through the on-board computer when an engine warning light came on. Adam Bustard in the Fiesta R2 set a 7.22.2 and said he was cautious while Kyle White in the Citroen C2R2 did a 7.23.4 and he was another slowed by a misted up screen.
Some more times: Fintan McGrady 7.17.4: Keith White 7.30.3: Wesley Patterson 7.29.3

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