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RALLY NEWS No.3 - Aghanloo Industrial Park Service - Saturday @ 14:34:02

RALLY NEWS NO.3 Service/Aghanloo/Saturday

1st (1) Derek McGarrity/Diarmuid Falvey (Fiesta WRC) 19.01.8
2nd (6) Brendan Cumiskey/Ronan O’Kane (Fiesta R5) 19.14.7
3rd (5) Emma McKinstry/Kenny Hull (Impreza WRC) 19.39.8
4th (4) Camillus Bradley/Crawford Henderson (Escort) 19.50.7
5th (9) John Devlin/John McCarthy (Sunbeam) 19.58.5
6th (7) Alistair Cochrane/David Turkington (Escort) 20.00.4
7th (11) Kyle White/Sean Topping (Citroen C2) 20.03.7
8th (2) Kenny McKinstry/Geraldine McBride (Impreza WRC) 20.05.2
9th (12) Adam Bustard/Aaron Johnston (Fiesta R2) 20.06.3
10th (10) Jonny & Simon Morrow (Lancer) 20.15.6

The rally is now approximately at the half way mark, the stages are reversed in the afternoon and Derek McGarrity holds a 13s lead over Brendan Cumiskey with Emma McKinstry a fine 3rd, but well in arrears of the Cumiskey R5 in 2nd place. When McGarrity brought his Fiesta WRC into service he told us. ‘We had a good push through stage 5, found stage 6 a bit slippy but had a good enough run. The car is brilliant and these are bloody good stages, and new to everybody. We did drop one wheel slightly off the road in stage 6 but it did not cost much time’. When we caught up with Brendan Cumiskey at his service point he was hard at work with the T-Cut trying to erase black marks on the rear quarter panel of his pristine Fiesta R5. Dundalk Volkswagen dealer Brendan rolled his eyes skywards and his co-driver Ronan O’Kane said. ‘The organisers closed the chicane right up at the end of stage 6’.

Emma McKinstry set equal 2nd fastest time with McGarrity through stage 6 and Emma commented afterwards. ‘It is all going really well’. Her father Kenny is improving his pace but still struggling with the right hand drive Impreza S14. Martin Cairns in his Fiesta WRC is really only getting into his stride with the car. Event sponsor Camillus Bradley set scorching times through stages 5 and 6 to take over the ‘best 2 wheel drive’ mantle from Sunbeam devotee John Devlin. John had a good run as well but could not match the flying Camillus. Alistair Cochrane also stepped up his pace and was faster through both stages from Devlin. Fintan McGrady reported yet another overshoot. Drew Wylie’s Historic Escort is now minus 2nd gear but Drew seems unperturbed and just flicking through from 1st to 3rd.

Kyle White had a great run through stages 5 and 6 and took a few seconds out of his friendly rival Adam Bustard. Kyle was using dry weather slick racing tyres on his Citroen C2 which really paid off. Bustard unfortunately overcooked it at a chicane in stage 6 and the front left mud guard of his Fiesta was well dented.

Following a 17m delay this morning while the chicane issue was sorted the organisers have decided to run the cars at 30s intervals through the afternoon.

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