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RALLY NEWS No.1 - Aghanloo Industrial Park Service - Saturday @ 12:05:43
RALLY NEWS NO.1 Service/Aghanloo/Saturday

1st (1) Derek McGarrity/Diarmuid Falvey (Fiesta WRC) 6.24.0
2nd (6) Brendan Cumiskey/Ronan O’Kane (Fiesta R5) 6.37.9
3rd (9) John Devlin/John McCarthy (Sunbeam) 6.41.3
4th (5) Emma McKinstry/Kenny Hull (Impreza WRC) 6.41.4
5th (4) Camillus Bradley/Crawford Henderson (Escort) 6.45.6
6th (12) Adam Bustard/Aaron Johnston (Fiesta R2) 6.49.7
7th (11) Kyle White/Sean Topping (Citroen C2) 6.50.4
8th Jonny Morrow 9th Fintan McGrady 10th Alistair Cochrane

It was in at the deep end for the crews on the opening 2 stages. The roads are new to the drivers and there is no pre-event recce for the rally. As can be seen above, Derek McGarrity made the best job of it and he said. ‘The stages are good. I am looking forward to getting the slick tyres on. We had one small mistake at the cattle grid, otherwise it went well.’ McGarrity’s expected main opposition is Kenny McKinstry but it has not worked out that way. Kenny admitted to making a mess of the 2 stages. After many rallies in the left hand drive S14 Kenny is in the right hand drive car today and he is pushing all the wrong buttons at the wrong times. An overshoot on the first stage and a stall at the hairpin on the 2nd means he is way down the order in 11th place on a total of 6.57.3.

When Kenny’s daughter Emma came into the control she had a smile from ear to ear when she learned that she was faster than her father! Emma has only driven the S14 once before and that was on an airfield so this was a different ball game for her today. She said she enjoyed the 2 stages and had no problems.

Further stories include: Martin Cairns who is out for the first time in his Fiesta WRC since it was converted to right hand drive, admitted to being cautious on the opening stage, and then had an overshoot in stage 2 at the farmyard and was unable to find reverse. Brendan Cumiskey spun his Fiesta R5 on the 2nd stage and stalled but lost little time. John Devlin had a brilliant drive to 3rd o/a and best 2 wheel drive. His main opposition was expected to be Camillus Bradley and Camillus said. ‘We were just finding our feet on those opening 2 stages but they were good, plenty of work in them’ Alistair Cochrane’s Escort had severely deflated rear tyres when he drove out from service to the first stage and he reckons the tyres have not sealed on the rims. Fintan McGrady had an overshoot at the first junction in stage 1. Jonny Morrow’s Lancer incurred a puncture. Jonny denies cutting any corners. William Herron’s Lancer has reportedly incurred 2 punctures. The reason for the punctures is as yet unknown.

Kyle White was just a fraction slower than Adam Bustard on those first 2 stages. Kyle told us that he has very much the NI Championship in mind unless ‘Pops’ (his father) lets him off the leash! Niall Devine and his co driver Damien Duffin were in fits of laughter when they came off stage 2 having spun their Subaru 3 times in the one short stage!

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