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RALLY NEWS No.5 - Lurgan Park - Saturday @ 14:10:33

RALLY NEWS NO.5 Lurgan Park/Saturday

1st (1) Garry Jennings/Michael Moran (Impreza WRC) 10.25.4
2nd (2) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 10.39.7
3rd (3) Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Fiesta WRC) 10.43.9
4th (5) Derek McGeehan/Laurie Smyth (Mini WRC) 10.50.2
5th (4) Derek McGarrity/Diarmuid Falvey (Fiesta WRC) 10.53.6
6th (8) Stuart Biggerstaff/Fraser Mulholland (Impreza WRC) 11.02.8
7th (12) Robert Woodside/Rachel Robinson (Fiesta R5) 11.04.3
8th (7) Pat O’Connell/Adam Coffey (Lancer) 11.07.8
9th (18) Damien Toner/Thomas Treanor (Escort) 11.14.9
10th (15) Keith White/Paul Mulholland (Escort Mk1) 11.23.3

A couple of seconds is reckoned to be a lifetime in the race for victory here in the Orchard Motorsport Lurgan Park Rally. Garry Jennings is now over 14s to the good over Kenny McKinstry which would indicate that Garry is in a very strong position as we move into the 2nd half of the event. When Garry brought his Subaru into the finish he remarked. ‘No mistakes now just get it to the finish’. However Garry was still fastest through that 5th stage. Kenny McKinstry was 2nd fastest having changed the tyres on his Subaru. The tyres he had had fitted for stage 4 proved to be a mistake. Declan Boyle in 3rd is pushing just as hard as he can, but he is not making much impression on the two cars in front and he feels it is just down to the fact that he is in a 1600cc car against the 2 litre machines in front. Similarly, Derek McGeehan is giving it everything, but he reported the stage still very slippy and he had a few under-steering moments with his Mini WRC.

Further stories include – Jonny Leonard slowed in stage 5 when his Lancer developed a misfire. He changed the pump mid stage and the Mitsubishi picked up again. Cashel man Pat O’Connell had a few dents in the rear quarter panel of his Lancer when he finished the stage and he laughed when he said. ‘Somebody must be wondering where a load of rubbish came from in their garden. I slid wide and hit a bin so hard it catapulted over the hedge’. English visitor Ray Brammer dropped approximately 15s when a turbo pipe came adrift on his Subaru. Ray had been going well and had got into the top 10 but has now dropped to 12th. Robert Woodside seemed to drop a place in stage 5, his time was not bad, but Stuart Biggerstaff did a really good time to move ahead of the Ballynure man and Robert told us. ‘I tried too hard to push and got ragged, losing time’

Damien Toner is still the man of the moment as regards the Escort contingent and was fastest through stage 5. Frank Kelly recovered from his drama in stage 4 where he lost some time and he commented after 5 – ‘We did not hit anything this time but it is treacherous. I am just going from one handling to another’.

Alan Smyth and Kyle White, Suzuki Swift and Citroen C2 respectively set identical times through SS5 to leave Smyth ahead by 1.3s.

Tweet from David Moynihan who is at the Alastair Fisher/Fiona wedding: What’s the maximum lateness here for Fiona who is 5m late already’

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ & MICHAEL & ZOE PATTERSON www.rallynews.net *Follow Rally News on Twitter and Facebook @Pacenotes or @Real_RallyNews With thanks to Megan McCusker

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