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RALLY NEWS No.3 - Service/Maghera/Saturday - Saturday @ 12:59:11
1st (1) Desi Henry/Liam Moynihan (Fabia R5) 9.29.2
2nd (76) Derek McGarrity/Barry McNulty (Fiesta WRC) 9.29.5
3rd (5) Marty McCormack/Caron McCormack (Fabia s2000) 9.30.2
4th (3) Derek McGeehan/Arthur Kierans (Mini WRC) 9.35.5
5th (14) Darren McKelvey/Graham Henderson (Lancer) 9.51.6
6th (77) Shaun Sinclair/Leon Jordan (Impreza) 9.54.8
7th (8) Brendan Cumiskey/Ronan O?Kane (Fiesta R5) 10.02.4
8th (11) Mark Donnelly/Stephen O`Hanlon (Fiesta S2000) 10.06.1
9th (20) John Gordon/Thomas Wedlock (Escort) 10.08.7
10th (12) Michael Carbin/Darragh Kelly (Lancer) 10.10.8

Fastest in stage 2 was Desi Henry in his Skoda and then on stage 3 it was Derek McGarrity in his Fiesta WRC who was quickest. Desi Henry commented at stage finish that he was cleaning the road and it was very slippy. Derek McGarrity is running further back than his start time and he had problems through stage 1 and 2 with his car overheating and clicking into safety mode. Marty McCormack was in top form when he came into service and he said. ?This is class. I cannot believe that I am 2nd to Desi. We are having a ball and Caron is doing a great job? Derek McGeehan in 4th place said he was struggling with the rear suspension set up. He damaged the car in testing earlier this week, and he also commented. ?I need to settle myself as well and just get the car round?. Kenny McKinstry is well down the order. He is really struggling as the new helmet he is using today has altered the position of his glasses and he is seeing the road through the reading part of the bifocals.

Further stories include – Brendan Cumiskey put his Fiesta R5 into and out of a ditch on stage 3. Ger Lucey had early intercom problems. Cathan McCourt had a big problem in stage 3 when he slid his Lancer wide on a right hander and has damaged the rear suspension. Mark Donnelly said he is on a learning curve as this is first trip with his R5 on gravel. Michael Carlin had a spin in stage 3 and lost a few seconds. Patrick O?Brien has dropped approximately 2m with a flat wheel drama on his Lancer. Shaun Sinclair in the black Lancer has smoke coming up the gear shift hole, but otherwise going very well.

Seamus O?Connell had no intercom for the first 3 stages. John Gordon had an overshoot in stage 2 with his Escort but going well, but top 2wd nonetheless. Miickey Conlon wedged his Escort at a bridge in stage 3 and lost quite a few seconds. Robert Moffett has inverted his Fiesta WRC in stage 3 at a 3 right tightens into a 6 right. Adrian Hetherington has put his Corolla WRC off the road at the start of stage 3 where there is a lot of logging. He may be able to get sit going again. Oran Donnelly in his Escort has kept it neat and tidy and is on a total of 10.18.1. Seamus O?Connell is on 10.26.3. John Gordon 10.08.7. Mickey Conlon 10.40.7. Shane McGirr 10.19.3.

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