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RALLY NEWS No.2 - After SS1 - Saturday @ 12:07:00

RALLY NEWS NO.2 Service/Saturday

1st (5) Josh Moffett/Jason McKenna (Lancer) 4.04
2nd (1) Donagh Kelly/Mark Cassidy (Mini WRC) 4.05
3rd (3) Pat O`Connell/Derek Gibbs (Lancer) 4.06
4th (12) Marty McKenna/Martin McGarrity (Impreza WRC) 4.07
5th (2) Desi Henry/Liam Moynihan (Lancer) 4.08
6th (7) Frank Kelly/Gary McElhinney (Escort) 4.09
(4) Martin Cairns/Kevin Flanagan (Impreza WRC) 4.09
8th (58) Kenny McKinstry/Noel Orr (Impreza WRC) 4.10
9th (6) Sam Moffett/James O`Reilly (Lancer N) 4.12
10th (9) Adrian Hetherington/Gary Nolan (Escort) 4.14

Despite the fine weather the lead cars described the opening 2 stages, Carrigan and Big Dog, as slippy. The smaller cars are running first on the road and Jordan Hone ink his Micra was leading that category after stage 2 by 1s from Conor Kelly (Sunny). Dominic Leonard was 3rd in his Civic.

As can be seen above Josh Moffett was fastest of the big category cars through the opening test. Josh felt he was getting far too sideways and ragged but he still had a super time. Donagh Kelly was still settling into the Mini WRC so his 2nd fastest was really good. Pat O1Connell in 3rd just described his run as `good`. Kenny McKinstry was back in 8th fastest and said he was taking a while to settle as he has not done a gravel rally for quite some time. James Gillen had a good run spoiled with a spin and a stall. Desi Henry`s Lancer was emitting blue smoke at stage finish which did not look too good. Sam Moffett had a bit of an incident in testing yesterday, so he admitted it was taking a bit of time to settle in but his time was still respectable.

We reported on our first RallyNews that Vivian Hamill was a late entry but his Escort is off the road on the first stage. Gareth Sayers started the stage in his Lancer but has not appeared at the finish. Reason unknown as yet. Jonny Leonard worked night and day last week to get the engine of his Lancer sorted and with the help of Robbie McGurk finally got everything bolted down at 4 o`clock this morning. Unfortunately all the effort was in vain as Jonny has crashed the Lancer into a river after the flying finish of stage 1. Reportedly it was a very big thump. The crew are reportedly OK. A spectating Alastair Fisher remarked. `It will take a while getting that car out of there!`

Some times coming in from stage 2 show that Josh Moffett was again fastest from Donagh Kelly, Desi Henry 3rd, just 3s covered the three cars.
Frank Kelly was again the fastest of the Escorts.

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