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Ulster Rally
RALLY NEWS No.2 - Service St Angelo - Friday @ 16:41:47

RALLY NEWS NO.2 St. Angelo Service/Friday 16.40

1st (1) Garry Jennings/Rory Kennedy (Impreza WRC) 27.28.6
2nd (2) Declan Boyle/Brian Boyle (Impreza WRC) 27.48.0
3rd (4) Eugene Donnelly/Paul Kiely (Impreza WRC) 28.16.1
4th (7) Daniel McKenna/Arthur Kierans (Citroen) 29.00.6
5th (5) Josh Moffett/John Rowan (Lancer N) 29.15.9
6th (6) Osian Pryce/Dale Furniss (Citroen) 29.31.9

Leaderboard after Stage 2: 1st Garry Jennings 2nd Declan Boyle 3rd Eugene Donnelly 4th Osian Pryce 5th Daniel McKenna 6th Josh Moffett
7th Jon Armstrong 8th Dean Raftery 9th Stephen McCann 10th Callum Devine.

Rally leader Garry Jennings told us when he reached service that he had a real struggle through stage 3. Garry was fastest and indeed has been fastest on all the stages so far. The engine on his Subaru has been rebuilt and is really sharp but the gearbox pressure is down and this is causing him some difficulty. Declan Boyle was also in gearbox pressure problems and he said. `It is like a nail gun, it takes a certain pressure to shoot it through the gears`. As well as that Declan knows he was on the wrong tyres and he has the edges completely burnt off them. Eugene Donnelly was not a happy man when he got into service. There was a wheel bearing noise from the front of the car through stage 3 and Eugene also got word that there was a problem with the damage insurance on the car. The two things together sapped Eugene`s confidence.

Josh Moffett felt he was, relatively speaking, slow through stage 3. Josh had the brake problem after stage 1. The brakes now seem OK but his confidence was affected.

In the battle for BRC supremacy Daniel McKenna reckoned that he had lost his chance through stage 3 as his Citroen developed some sort of differential problem and was wandering all over the road. Unbeknown to Daniel his rival Osian Pryce had lost even more time when his Citroen sustained a puncture at a square right junction 3 miles from the stage finish.

Further stories include Dean Raftery still having intercom problems. Jon Armstrong had a problem with his tyres gong off on stage 2 but still set a reasonable time. Stephen McCann clipped a front wheel in stage 2 and dropped a few seconds.

Unfortunately there has been an accident at the end of stage 3 and the rally has been halted,

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