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Monaghan Stages Rally
RALLY NEWS No.3 - After SS6 - Sunday @ 14:42:15

RALLY NEWS NO.3 Monaghan/Service/Sunday

1st (1) Sam Moffett/James O`Reilly (Fiesta WRC) 53.34.1
2nd (5) Peadar Hurson/Damien Connolly (Escort WRC) 54.34.1
3rd (8) Gary McPhillips/Paul Sheridan (Escort) 55.05.9
4th (7) Daniel McKenna/Stephen Hagan (Escort) 55.08.5
5th (6) Josh Moffett/John Rowan (Lancer N) 56.20.9
6th (4) Kevin Barrett/Sean Mullally (Impreza WRC) 56.36.6
7th (9) Rodney Wilton/Conor McMahon (Escort) 56.43.3
8th (16) Richard Moffett/Martin Connolly (Starlet) 57.23.8
9th (25) John McQuaid/Seamus O`Connor (Escort) 57.27.9
10th (22) Michael Curran/Sean Hayde (Escort) 57.42.6
11th (18) Brian Brogan/Damien McGettigan (Escort) 57.48.1

As can be seen above Sam Moffett has extended his lead to 1m over Peadar Hurson and indeed it may be slightly more than a minute as Sam`s co driver James O`1Reilly is querying his time for stage 6. When the top cars came into service Sam told us that he was very happy with the way it was going, although with this good weather his Fiesta is certainly chewing the tyres. Peadar Hurson had a good run through that middle loop of stages but can make no impression on the front running Fiesta WRC.

Paddy McVeigh/Gary McElhinney were 4th o/a leaving service after stage 3 but their Impreza careered up a bank a few corners into stage 4. That was them out of the rally, but happily there does not seem to be any real damage. The following Kevin Barrett stopped to make sure that Paddy and Gary were OK, and this probably cost Kevin 10s or so. Gary McPhillips got ahead of Daniel McKenna on that loop, Gary`s Escort suffered a puncture on stage 4 and he had to run with a slightly softer compound tyre on stages 5 and 6. Daniel McKenna`s Escort still has a noise in the back axle that could well be a bearing problem and his Escort is showing signs of pad knock off. Josh Moffett remarked about stage 6. `I just love that stage, but I had a bit of an overshoot at a junction`. Gary Cairns has a severe misfire problem with his Lancer and has pulled out of the rally. Paul Barrett retired his Lancer with a broken drive shaft and is trying to get a run over the last few stages under Rally 2 rules.

Father and son team Breen and Gary McNamee crashed their Civic heavily when a wheel broke and the car flipped. Happily both OK and Gary said they will have the car fixed for Cavan Rally. Shane Maguire felt that the stages have sections that are of a different character to other sections and he is finding it hard to settle. John McQuaid is holding 9th o/a and is finding the stages very abrasive on the tyres. Kevin Bradley is 23rd and leading class 11R in his Escort and feels that it is a fast pace here today. David Moffett is 2nd in class 11R but is losing a lot of oil through his Starlet`s gearbox. Justin Smyth is doing a brilliant job to lead class 12 from Arthur Kierans. Arthur joked that he is leaving his braking too late, a legacy of sitting beside Daniel McKenna! Martin Toner was having clutch slip on his Sunbeam, he changed the clutch at first service and all is now well. Pat Kirk is running out of brakes on his Lancer and sensibly backing off considerably.

More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net (with thanks to Dougie Hughes) *Follow RallyNews on Twitter @Pacenotes or @Real_RallyNews

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