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Donegal International Rally
RALLY NEWS No.10 - After SS12 - Saturday @ 15:43:35
RALLY NEWS NO.10 Service/Saturday
1st (1) Garry Jennings/Neil Doherty (Impreza WRC)
2nd (5) Darren Gass/Enda Sherry (Impreza WRC)
3rd (8) Sam Moffett/James O`Reilly (Impreza WRC)
4th (3) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Focus WRC)
5th (6) Donagh Kelly/Kevin Flanagan (Focus WRC)
6th (7) Seamus Leonard/Paul McLaughlin (Impreza WRC)
1st (17) Gary McPhillips/Paul Sheridan (Escort)
2nd (16) Manus Kelly/Donal Barrett (Escort)
3rd (19) Frank Kelly/Stephen Quinn (Escort)
4th (34) Adrian Hetherington/Gary Nolan (Escort)
5th (11) Craig Breen/Karl Atkinson (Escort)
6th (21) Damien Gallagher/Mac Walsh (Escort)

The heavy rain showers continue to make life difficult for the competitors. However, Garry Jennings managed to get some anti misting up spray for the inside of his Subaru windscreen and he set a time of 7.15. Darren Gass was 4s slower on 7.19. Sam Moffett is a further 1s back. With his windscreen cleared Jennings reported a good run through the stage. Darren Gass was kicking himself for having stalled his Subaru at a hairpin and giving away those valuable seconds. Darren`s co driver Enda Sherry said. `If we can tidy it up we will be right there`. Sam Moffett reported a couple of warning lights flashing on the dash of his Subaru. He did not know what they were and just ignored them and got on with setting a good time. Derek McGarrity was not too far off the pace but had some more transmission trouble with his Focus. The mechanics are going to change the clutch at service. This will be the 4th clutch change on this event. Donagh Kelly felt he had a good run, he found the road not too wet and said. `I was surprised at the grip we were getting, the Pirelli tyres were working well`. Seamus Leonard dropped a few seconds and commented. `We just cleaned the last chicane`.

John O`Donnell clipped a rock with his Subaru and lost a little time as he thought it maybe would have punctured the tyre. His concentration, like the wheel, took a knock. Martin Doherty woke up in that stage and set a really good time. Stephen Wright`s co driver Suzanne reported a mix up with her stage time so we still have to confirm that. Darragh O`Riordan`s co driver Tony McDaid did not seem too concerned about his injured hand when he finished stage 12 and Darragh had a reasonably good time.

In the National Rally Gary McPhillips had regained his form after a slow stage 11 to set fastest time through 12, albeit by just a fraction from Manus Kelly. Kelly`s Escort exhaust needs a wee bit of welding at service. Adrian Hetherington set another very good time to reinforce his 4th place behind Frank Kelly and ahead of Craig Breen. Breen struggled through the stage because of the damaged steering on his Escort. Phil Collins went off the road following a front suspension/steering breakage on his Escort. The car is in a field but with no damage. Paul & Karl Reid told us that they were keeping up their tradition of a life time by spinning on their home stage, Gartan.

In the Historic Rally Wesley Patterson continues to dominate. Seamus O`Connell had some clutch pedal woes but still holds 2nd from Dan Mullan who had an overshoot. On today`s Carlise Rally Marty McCormack is leading the Historic section from Nick Elliott with Jason Pritchard 3rd. Tapio Laukkanen is 8th and Jimmy McRae 11th.
More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net (with thanks to Michael & Zoe Patterson) *Follow RallyNews on Twitter @Pacenotes or @Real_RallyNews

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