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Galway International Rally
RALLY NEWS No.4 - Ballinasloe - Sunday @ 12:41:10
RALLY NEWS NO.4 Ballinasloe Service/Sunday

1st. (13) Eugene Donnelly/M ark Kane (Mini WRC) 25.28.7
2nd (3) Keith Cronin/Marshall Clarke (Impreza WRC) 25.37.9
3rd (2) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 25.45.2
4th (7) Declan & Brian Boyle (Impreza WRC) 25.57.6
5th (6) Donagh Kelly/Kevin Flanagan (Impreza WRC) 26.30.1
6th (5) Thomas Fitzmaurice/Fionn Foley (Impreza WRC) 26.51.6
7th (8) John Joe Fleming/Robbie Ward (Focus WRC) 27.03.0
8th (4) Garry Jennings/Neil Doherty (Impreza WRC) 27.21.7
9th (11) Alan Ring/Adrian Deasy (Lancer N) 27.28.5
10th (16) Josh Moffett/John Rowan (Lancer N) 27.35.7
1st Tom Flaherty 28.02.1: 2nd Chris Armstrong 28.36.0: 3rd Rodney Wilton 28.40.4:

Keith Cronin followed up his fastest time in stage 2 to also top the time sheets in stage 3. Keith finished the 18km test in a fraction over 10m while Eugene Donnelly was 2nd fastest, 5s in arrears and Derek McGarrity 3rd fastest 6s down on Donnelly. This means that Cronin moves from 3rd into 2nd and Eugene Donnelly keeps his lead but it is down now to just 9s.

There was a bit of a delay starting that stage 3 as apparently there was a loose horse on the go and the drivers were warned to look out for a yellow flag just in case. Derek McGarrity said at stage finish. `I always had the yellow flag in the back of my head and possibly was a bit cautious1. Derek also said that with the delay everything in the car, the brakes and tyres in particular, were cold starting the stage and that called for even more caution. Keith Cronin reported no problems with his run although he felt that he may have been a little slow and was relieved to see he had taken 5s from Donnelly. Garry Jennings lost more time when he stalled the Subaru and in fact he was caught by Donagh Kelly in that stage 3, although Donald said it did not cost him any real time. Garry is not having a great rally, what with this problem with the gear change and he is also quite off colour as he is just getting over a bad dose of `flu.

In Group N just 3s covered Alan Ring, Sam Moffett and Josh Moffett in that stage and as Alan Ring said. `We are having a great race1. Sam Moffett did not mention the misfire in his Lancer at stage finish so we can only presume that the fresh spark plugs fitted at service have done the trick. Gerry McGarrity, who rebuilt the engine in record time yesterday, said when he saw Sam`s time. `It is great that he is still going and that is the warranty up now!` Stephen Wright is quite close to the group N leaders but his Lancer is now suffering from warped front discs.

Tom Flaherty has led the National Rally from the start but his Escort slid backwards into a wall in that 3rd stage. The car got a slap but seems not too bad but the wall certainly was the worse for wear. Young Chris Armstrong had a good run through that stage and felt he was getting plenty of grip. Rodney Wilson was having some gearbox troubles. After 2 stages Wesley Patterson was leading the Historic Rally from Drew Wylie, both in Escorts with James O1Mahony 3rd. Darren O1Brien led the Juniors from Richard Moore.
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