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RALLY NEWS No.4 - Service - Saturday @ 15:46:27

RALLY NEWS NO.4 Service/Saturday

1st (1) Garry Jennings/Neil Doherty (Impreza WRC 52.14
2nd (5) Donagh Kelly/Kevin Flanagan (Impreza WRC) 52.39
(7) Declan & Brian Boyle (Impreza WRC) 52.39
4th (4) Niall Maguire/Enda Sherry (Impreza WRC) 53.58
5th (3) Thomas Fitzmaurice/Fionn Foley (Impreza WRC) 54.11
6th (2) Brian OMahony/John Higgins (Impreza WRC) 54.36**
7th (9) Kevin Kelleher/John McCafferty (Impreza WRC) 55.19
8th (18) Declan Gallagher/Eamonn Doherty (Starlet) 55.34
9th (20) Martin Doherty/Damien McAuley (Lancer N) 56.17
10th (41) Columba Heena/LM Craig (Corolla) 56.46
**The time of Brian OMahony will almost certainly be the subject of an adjustment as his Subaru was waved to a halt by a marshal in stage 5 approximately 5km from the stage finish. An elderly resident had taken ill and the marshal requested Brian to get a message through the radio network for an ambulance. This was all duly done but Brian lost perhaps 50s in the process.

Out at the front of the rally Garry Jennings was again fastest although his Subaru is taking such a hammering that the radiator pack is now rubbing up against the engine. Garry in his usual flamboyant mode is still on full attack and intends to keep going that way. Thomas Fitzmaurice was held up for a few seconds behind OMahony. However in overall terms Thomas appears not to be in the form to rein in his championship rival and he admitted. “I’m just not getting into the zone today”. Niall Maguire had some brake problems and had to put a pair of vice grips on a front brake pipe which meant of course very uneven braking and he even had an overshoot at one junction.

Donagh Kelly and Declan Boyle continue to have their massive battle for 2nd place. Donagh picked a compromise tyre for that loop of stages and it worked well. Declan had one point had his Subaru slide up on top of a bank and then he stalled it. That was in stage 5 then Declan had a steady stage 6 to leave the two tying here at service with 3 stages to go. Dessie Keenan had a big charge on stage 4 and was trying to get into top 2 wheel drive position ahead of Declan Gallagher but then Dessie’s Escort gave some electrical kill switch problems through stages 5 and 6 and he has dropped time rather than gain some. Camillus Bradley has softened the suspension on his Escort and finds it better.

A rather chastened Frank Kelly has definitely made up his mind to stay between the hedges and get the Escort home to the finish. Columba Heena has cured the soft brake trouble on his Corolla and set a good time through stage 6 to move into the top 10, 2nd in cl.13 to Declan Gallagher. Arthur Kierans is lying just outside the l/board and leading cl.12 that puts him with a big chance of retaining his Border C/ship crown.

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