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RALLY NEWS No.4 - Enniskillen - Saturday @ 16:34:42
RALLY NEWS NO.4 Enniskillen/Saturday

1st (2) Garry Jennings/Barry McNulty (Impreza) 24.27
(4) Jonny Greer/Gordon Noble (Lancer) 24.27
3rd (10) Mark Donnelly/Sean Ferris (Lancer N) 24.30
4th (8) Martin Cairns/Kevin Flanagan (Impreza WRC) 24.41
5th (5) Vincent & JP McAree (Lancer N) 24.51
6th (7) Enda McNulty/Paul Sheridan (Impreza) 25.05
7th (3) Ian Cochrane/Ray Fitzpatrick (Lancer N) 25.17
8th (6) Derek McGeehan/Damien Connolly (Mini WRC) 25.27
9th (1) Derek McGarrity/James McKee (Impreza WRC) 25.38
10th (15) Drew Stewart/David White (Escort) 26.22

It is certainly a tight race at the front of this Lakeland Stages Rally. Garry Jennings and Jonny Greer were tying for the lead leaving the service area in Belcoo. Through stage 4, Blackslee, they set equal fastest times of 3.41, both faster than their first time through. Mark Donnelly was just 1s slower through the stage so he holds a very close 3rd.

Garry said at stage finish that the water injection on his Subaru does not seem to be working and the car is getting very hot. Jonny Greer reported no troubles. Mark Donnelly, who is running several cars back, said the stage was getting quite rutted and he did not want to push any harder as the car felt as if it was shaking itself to bits.

No.1 seed, Derek McGarrity, who was 11s slower than Jennings through that stage 4, said that he had his fingers crossed that his Subaru would keep going. His Subaru dash read-outs have now stopped working. Vincent McAree in 5th place was full of praise for his mechanics regarding the work they did at service on his Lancer. The car’s chassis was bent following a very heavy landing on a stage 2 jump, and that is also what broke the windows on the car. Enda McNulty is in 6th place and he said he had a good run through that stage 4.

Drew Stewart is now the leading Escort exponent and holds 10th place. Drew said after stage 4 that the ruts are getting quite bad and a couple of times his car got out of the ruts and he was just a passenger, but held it flat out. The reason for Frank Kelly & Liam Brennan’s Escort crying enough in stage 3 was that the crown wheel and pinion gave up the ghost. The latest retirement we have news on is that young Jon Armstrong & Martin Brady have retired their Fiesta with a broken drive shaft. A sad end to a very good drive.
News is coming in that Garry Jennings was 2s faster than Jonny Greer and Mark Donnelly in stage 5, Lough Navar. This means that Garry leads the rally by 2s from Greer with Donnelly a further 3s back going into the long 6th and final stage.
More news later: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net (with thanks to Michael & Zoe Patterson. Follow RallyNews on Twitter @Pacenotes or @Real_RallyNews


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