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RALLY NEWS No.2 - Service Belcoo - Saturday @ 11:54:22

RALLY NEWS NO.2 Service/Belcoo/Saturday

1st (5) Vincent & JP McAree (Lancer N) 3.47
2nd (2) Garry Jennings/Barry McNulty (Impreza) 3.51
3rd (4) Jonny Greer/Gordon Noble (Lancer) 3.55
(10) Mark Donnelly/James McCarville (Lancer N) 3.55
(12) Viv Hamill/Paul Hamill (Escort) 3.55
6th (6) Derek McGeehan/Damien Connolly (Mini WRC) 3.57
7th (3) Ian Cochrane/Ray Fitzpatrick (Lancer N) 3.58
(7) Enda McNulty/Paul Sheridan (Impreza) 3.58
Some more times: Brammer 4.25: Kelly 4.02: McGirr 4.02: Stewart 40.2: Fisher 4.03: Cairns 5.00.

The lead drivers reported the opening stage to be very slippy, especially through the grassy sections. As can be seen above Vincent McAree made the best job of it and he commented at stage finish. “Yes, we had a brilliant run. Pushed very hard”. No.1 seed Derek McGarrity recorded a 4.04 and at the end of the stage reported his Subaru oil temperature had moved into the danger zone and the car had switched on to safe mode that does not bode well for the rest of the day. Garry Jennings said. “The car was all over the place, getting no grip, it was horrible”.

Ian Cochrane was another to emphasise how tricky and slippy the stage was. Mark Donnelly is running a little behind the lead cars and he felt the stage was starting to cut up a bit. Viv Hamill was best of the 2 wheel drive cars and he said. “That was hard work but we made no mistakes”. Frank Kelly on the other hand commented. “I made a mess of it. The car was partly off the road on the 2nd corner and got bogged down”. Drew Stewart admitted to a mistake going into a hairpin when he locked the wheels of his Escort and overshot. Trevor Ferguson put his GpN Impreza up an escape road and lost approximately 20s. Jon Armstrong was best of the small cars running at the front of the event. The 17 year old recorded a time of 4m14s to lead his class in his Fiesta and he said. “I don’t know whether it was the road or me but the car feels down on power”. James Donnelly has retired his Impreza with a broken drive shaft. Francis Lee has got his Lancer stuck in a ditch in the stage.

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