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Sligo Stages Rally 2012
RALLY NEWS No.5 - Service - Saturday @ 15:31:37

RALLY NEWS NO.5 Service/Saturday

1st (2) Trevor & Kenny Bustard (Lancer N) 53.05
2nd (1) Shane Maguire/Martin McGarrity (Impreza N) 53.13
3rd (104) John & James Cairns (Lancer N) 54.05
4th (3) Pat Kirk/Peter Ward (Lancer N) 54.56
5th (21) Andrew Mullen/Elaine Doherty (Lancer N) 55.10
6th (7) Arthur & Mac Kierans 9Escort) 55.13
7th (6) Alistair Cochrane/Jonathan Charlesson (Escort) 55.19
8th (4) Jim McKenna/Thomas Treanor (Escort) 55.24
9th (8) Daniel Conaghan/Terence Magee (Escort) 55.29

Shane Maguire and Trevor Bustard set equal stage times through stage 5 and then on stage 6, Lavagh, Bustard was 5s quicker than Maguire. This leaves the gap at 8s at the front with 3 stages to go promising a big race to the chequered flag between the two young drivers. John Cairns holds 3rd but he dropped a few seconds in stage 6 as his Lancer gave fuel pressure problems. John feels it is just a matter of getting his car to the finish. That is certain not the position between the top two. Trevor Bustard told us that on stage 4, Ladies Brae, the temperature gauge of his Lancer started to rise and it disturbed his concentration a little. He put the heater on to full blast and pressed on. The situation settled through stage 5, Lough Easkey, and then on stage 6 he really pulled out all the stops to gain that 5s. Shane Maguire feels that he was maybe losing a little bit of time over the Lancer on the big crests and also felt that he was “messy” on two junctions in stage 6. Pat Kirk has shot up to 4th o/a having been outside the top 10 and he sat fastest time overall through SS4 and was only 1s down on the leading pair through SS5. Then dropped 12s in stage 6. Andrew Mullen is starting to get his confidence back following his earlier brake problems and he is now progressing up the leaderboard. He did lose a few seconds on the final square right corner of stage 6, caught out on a greasy patch, and dropped a few seconds.

Arthur Kierans rounds off the top 6 but is finding that as the roads dry his Escort lacks the outright power of the cars around him. Sean Gallagher had been holding a position in the top 6 but his Lancer has reportedly stopped in stage 6. Jim McKenna was fastest 2wd through SS6. The reason for the improvement seems to be down to settings on the new suspension he had fitted to his Escort. Garry Jennings was fastest overall through stages 5 and 6 and that was despite passing many cars on both stages. Garry has no chance really of a top finish following his massive delay on the opening stage. It is a matter now for Garry of clocking up a few stage miles on the Corolla WRC in an effort to iron out a few bugs.

More news to follow: BRIAN & LIZ PATTERSON www.rallynews.net
Our thanks to Angus Sealy (Results) and Aiden Harper (Spectator Control).
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